Meet The Executive Team
Dr. Kyjuan H. Brown,
President & CEO/ Business Advisor

Kyjuan H. Brown received his Bachelors degree from Morris Brown College in Atlanta Georgia, and his Doctorate from the prestigious St. Georges University. Dr. Brown is now pursuing his MBA at the University of Liverpool. He has been awarded the professional Business Management designation CABM "Certified Associate Business Manager" by the American Association of Professionals in Business Management

As the founder of UCG Business Solutions, Dr. Brown brings an interesting perspective and unique insight to the plight of small and medium sized businesses. As a teenager, he assisted his father in the financial, administrative and management of his small business. During his off-times from his University studies in the United States, United Kingdom and Caribbean, Dr. Brown has played an active role in assisting many small businesses in becoming efficient as well as profitable. He is aware of the struggles, frustrations, and limitations of the average small and medium sized business. His concerns, experience and endeavors resulted in the founding of UCG Business Solutions. Dr. Brown brings unique concepts and methodologies to the company. These are the resources that provide the tools and services clients need to survive in today's challenging Bermuda business environment.

As an astute businessman and scientist, Dr. Brown brings a most profound and holistic way of doing business. His educational background and worldly travels have made him aware of the fact that in order to solve a problem, you must first understand the problem, hypothesize, research the problem, and then solve it. He leads his team in analyzing their client's total business environment; from its financial stability, operational practices and the client's short and long-term.

Hal Gordon, BSc, MBA
Senior Vice-President

Senior Vice-President Mr. Hal Gordon received his higher education from the prestigious New York's Columbia University where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Personnel Administration and a Masters Degree in Business. Mr. Gordon brings a wide range of business experience to UCG Business Solutions. He has held executive level positions with the Bermuda Government, Xerox Corp., telecommunications equipment manufacturers such as Timeplex Inc. and Network Equipment Corporation where he retired as Vice-President of Sales & Marketing. Hal was one of the founders of Navigator Telecommunications Corporation, a competitive local exchange carrier currently operating in 25 states. He served as Vice-President of Human Resources, and many of the key executives he recruited are still managing this company today. Although retired from the U.S. corporate arena, he now devotes his time between the business needs of UCG Business Solutions and designing, writing and attaining funding for extensive philanthropic programs that administer to the needy. His most recent endeavor is a multi-functional 25 million dollar program for C.O.P.E. (Community Organization for People Empowerment) that encompasses feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, training the unemployed and providing spiritual guidance.